How Do I make an Animated Gif in Photoshop from Images?

This Musificent Animation took about five hours to make! First I made the graphics in Inkscape, one file by file, saving each like “a”, “b”, “z”, “z1″,”z2”, etc.. Then I imported each frame into Photoshop!

embedded via GIPHY

Go here to learn how to import images into Photoshop

Go here to import your images into a free online gif maker!

If you make something cool upload it to Giphy!

Becoming a Cubase Maestro

Sampling Questions

Greetings Earthlings!

This website was built in under five minutes thanks to WordPress and friends. Empowered by the world of open source and blockchain technologies I present to you the one and only Musificent! You can call me whatever you want… “Abraham”, “Abe”, “that guy”, “that person”, “that thing”, “the thing”, “the man with a tail”, “Aburamu”, or even “Harold” if you want to.

As I’ve grown up through 33 years of insanity, chaos, harmony, abundance, and gratitude I’m proud to have added a new persona to my repertoire. A few years ago everyone knew me as “Kaboomski” and I’m not gonna let that one slide either, but I would like to honor my deep appreciation for music.

Kaboomski is more of a cartoon character and story teller. Musificent is more of a composer and teacher.

What do you guys think of the name? Is it as hard to spell for you as it was for me?!

Musificent has the goal to become the world’s most humble maestro. If you can help me along my path, or I can you, don’t even hesitate just send me an SMS at (256) 333-5559 and we’ll schedule a time to chat about whatever it is you’d like!