#How Do I #Post The #Best #Instragram #Content & Using #Hashtags?

Although the social media system here is pretty simple there are a lot of factors to consider when posting to Instagram. Lately many friends have asked for insights on how to promote their creations on social media! Do it! Instagram Content Factors Written Copy (Word Content; Subject, Poetry, Description, Meme, Idea, Question, Research, Comedy, Science, […]

How Do I make an Animated Gif in Photoshop from Images?

This Musificent Animation took about five hours to make! First I made the graphics in Inkscape, one file by file, saving each like “a”, “b”, “z”, “z1″,”z2”, etc.. Then I imported each frame into Photoshop! embedded via GIPHY Go here to learn how to import images into Photoshop Go here to import your images into […]

Greetings Earthlings!

This website was built in under five minutes thanks to WordPress and friends. Empowered by the world of open source and blockchain technologies I present to you the one and only Musificent! You can call me whatever you want… “Abraham”, “Abe”, “that guy”, “that person”, “that thing”, “the thing”, “the man with a tail”, “Aburamu”, […]