The Legend of Cynthia the Musificent

The Legend of Lady Cynthia is a freestyle improv story about the key of C in some kind of minor form, but mostly abstract created by The Musificent Kaboomski Abrahamage in honor of Lady Cynthia of the past, present and future intense.

#How Do I #Post The #Best #Instragram #Content & Using #Hashtags?

Although the social media system here is pretty simple there are a lot of factors to consider when posting to Instagram. Lately many friends have asked for insights on how to promote their creations on social media! Do it! Instagram Content Factors Written Copy (Word Content; Subject, Poetry, Description, Meme, Idea, Question, Research, Comedy, Science, […]

Becoming a Cubase Maestro

Sampling Questions Question: Can I Use Mic in Cubase to Trigger Samples? (Yes: Groove Agent from Mic) How Can I transfer a Sample to Instruments from the Sample Editor in Cubase? How can I create an arranger event from a range in Cubase? How can I Export an Arranger Chain in Cubase? (Flatten to Ordered […]