Although the social media system here is pretty simple there are a lot of factors to consider when posting to Instagram.

Lately many friends have asked for insights on how to promote their creations on social media! Do it!

Instagram Content Factors

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What should I post on Instagram?
  • Written Copy (Word Content; Subject, Poetry, Description, Meme, Idea, Question, Research, Comedy, Science, Facts, Controversy, Excitement, Concepts etc)
  • Image/Video (Photo, Media, Relative, Popular, Graphics, Concepts, Subject, Infographic, Events, Posters, Scenes, Stock Pics)
  • Hashtags (#Instragram #loves #hashtags they are #keywords to #describe the #subject of the #content)

Most Relative Contextual Content makes for Good Copy Writing

The best kind of content is organic relative content that grabs attention and shares something useful, unique and interesting. The more your content stands out, and is visible to a unique relative audience, is noninvasive, sparks the interest of others and is useful to the people seeing what you share the greater value you can provide to your audience and the more likely your instagram post will be popular, get likes, shares, and potentially become a meme!

There are a lot of ways to write good content!

There’s no secret to writing good content!
  • Emoticons (Used appropriately they provide a lot more excitement and interactivity!)
  • Subject
    (Always emphasize the subject at the very least so people and robots have a slight clue!)
  • Poetry
    (A neat way to express the self that can inspire others and make for good content.)
  • Description
    (Describing the image and the subject with at least 25 words in a sentence is a smart way to connect)
  • Meme
    (Notice some wild trend or have an idea for a meme worth sharing? Take a chance, but make it stand out with graphics!)
  • Idea
    (Have a cool idea to talk about? If it’s relative or interesting share it with your audience on Instagram.)
  • Question
    (A good question / poll is a great way to increase community interactions and gain new followers!)
  • Research
    (Google Keywords, History, Relative News, Related Websites, Similar Events, Common Discussions.)
  • Trends
    (Using relative Research you can write content about current trends in a way that is exciting to others.)
  • Comedy
    (Comedy is a great way to keep things fun and if it’s relative it will help promote your niche!)
  • Science
    (Using scientific research to raise interesting topics can be entertaining if it’s relative and unique.)
  • Facts
    (Fun facts that relate to a trend worth sharing in your niche can be a great way to find content)
  • Controversy
    (While it’s not a good idea to be the most controversial in the room it’s fun to keep people dancing!)
  • Excitement
    (Always try to be 10x more exciting than normal if you truly want to connect with your audience!)
  • Concepts
    (If you have a new idea or concept that relates to a community share it to gain potentiality and insights.)
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How can I use Instagram to Promote my Stuff??

What Images & Video Should I Post to Instagram?

Want to know how to get lots of likes on Instagram?

There are a lot of different ways one can come up with cool photos to post to Instagram or any other social media or website in general! You can make your own graphics, write captions in image content, use photos of your own or from friends, from family or even use stock photos to provide useful content on Social Media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Amazon, eBay, WordPress, Blogs, Websites, etc.

The easiest content I can think of is using photos from your cell phone!

  1. Take a photo of something exciting, fun and/or entertaining!
  2. Take a photo of something interesting, informative or useful!
  3. Take a photo of something relative to your audience!
  4. Take a photo of something weird, unique or friend specific!
  5. Take a photo of something popular, trendy, common, or people are passionate about!
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Design Your Own Graphics & Share them on Instagram Social Media!

  1. Pick an upcoming holiday or seasonal idea and come up with something cool about it!
  2. Draw something awesome or use a graphics editor like Inkscape, Gimp, or Illustrator, or Photoshop. You can even find free vectors and shapes to use if you’re new to graphics design or in a hurry!
  3. Combine Stock Photos /Images with Fun and/or Relative Text!
  4. Use a meme image generator like IMGFLIP! If it’s for commercial purposes be sure not to abuse those copyright laws!
  5. Do a little research on trends and find a stock photo at a resource like Pixabay and then write something fun about it!

What kind of Videos should I Post on Instagram?

Videos are the most popular type of media!

The best and easiest videos to post are organic videos that you come up with yourself from a cell phone either in a natural setting that people already find entertaining in a relative environment to your audience, something funny, or something weird, but you can also spend time with choreography, lighting, sound/music and editing using high quality equipment if you really want to go the extra mile.

  1. Post some video footage of an activity that you and your friends enjoy!
  2. Post a video of an event nearby that’s fun, entertaining and/or relates to your audience!
  3. Make a video about a friend who is a hero and how they have helped you on your path!
  4. Extreme, weird, or crazy videos are always entertaining.
  5. Research some top trends and make a relative video that relates to your audience.
  6. Download an app to your phone or use a video editor that comes with your pc
  7. Record Your Computer Screen and/or Computer Camera using OBS Studio (Free)

How Do I Use # Hashtags on Instagram & Social Media?

What is a hashtag? #Hashtags are just an easy way to say “keyword”. (like what Google uses…)

For some reason the concept caught on quicker on instagram because hashtags are a creative way for regular cell phone users to learn about keywords. Relative organic contextual content, keywords and key-phrases have always been the primary method that search engines, social media, and cms systems organize pages, photos, websites, posts, and comments and robotically share them with the world based on user searches online.

Your hashtag #potentials are #limitless!
  • Just #usinghashtags to describe the #main #subject on #instagram creatively, off the top of your head is a great way to attract an #epic group of #instagrammers. So if your post was about #artists use #art and #artgallery etc. If your post is about #musicians use #music the #genre #bandname etc.
  • One can perform keyword research before writing their content to ensure it may have a solid audience backing.
  • An simple, easy but okay option is to use a #hashtaggenerator like all hashtag!
  • Don’t use more than 30 tags or so.
  • You’ll have #betterexperience #organically placing #hashtags on #instagram in a #sentence, than you will using a list of tags at the end of your post.
  • Always be sure the hashtags are relative!
  • Fake hashtags will only hurt your popularity!


How to view and post to Instragram from your PC.

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