I love you mamma! Forever thankful of all your beingness!

…Why would I pay $5.00 for a card to sign, when I could put my entire heart into the creation of something that at least included a genuine attempt to say “You mean the world to me. Thank you!”

It’s a pair of 3×5 index cards folded in half!
Abraham Kaboomski Musificent Child Magic

If my mom survived my childhood, she must be a badass.

This “little whippersnapper” found ways to share great amounts of chaos at a very early age!

I just wanted to thank you again, mother! I’ll always cherish your warm heart and kindred spirit and look forward to live facebook video chat with you when you’re off work today!

It’s amazing how technology can bring families together. My family is shy to look me dead in the eyes on Facebook! I think they’re just camera shy… We’ll get used to it.

Love you all and hope you’re having a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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